About Us

SC Products Hawaii LLC was established in 2022 to provide environmentally friendly cleaning products to Hawaii. Our two product lines are SC-14® (All-Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser) and CitroSqueeze® (High Performance Fabric Detergent). Both Product lines are available in many sizes from 8oz to 275 Gallon Totes for both personal and industrial use. We also provide SC-14 in an industrial strength concentrate, SC-14 PRO, which can be diluted up to 20 times.

SC Products are environmentally friendly and are made from the oil of orange peels. The Active ingredient is Food Grade d-limonene. Not only are SC Products safe for our environment, they are also safe for our users which provides great peace of mind.

Although there are other environmentally friendly cleaner/degreasers in Hawaii, SC-14® and SC-14® PRO cleans at a level which typically requires toxic/harmful degreasers. We are excited to provide SC-14® Cleaner/Degreaser in Hawaii as a safe solution to tough cleaning projects. The only way to know what SC-14® can do for you and/or your company is to try it!! SC Products Hawaii provides free demo product and training for you and your team!

CitroSqueeze® is a unique product. It is a High-Performance Fabric Detergent and has been used in the Fire Industry for over 20 years (including the Hawaii Fire Service on all islands for many years). CitroSqueeze® is the number one detergent in North America to clean firefighter turnout gear and PPE. CitroSqueeze® is now available for personal, commercial, industrial, and military use with our new green label!

CITROSQUEEZE® is the Fabric Cleaner Tested and proven safe by Dupont for cleaning Nomex, Southern Mills for cleaning PBI/Kevlar Fabrics and WL Gore & Associates (Germany) for cleaning GORE-TEX and 3M for cleaning Scotchlite Reflective Trims.

** See our Fire Service Website for further information https://solutionssafety.com/

**SC Products were developed over 20 years ago. SC-14® Cleaner/Degreaser has not been available in Hawaii until earlier this year.

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